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Prototype Debugging

Prototype debugging is an important technical aspects of product development or the creation of electronic, without actual verification of electronic circuits that did not work properly due to the prototype, the scope and probability of failure is far greater than the product debugging. The possibility of all sorts of unexpected error has occurred, the prototype debug an important part of the PCB design process.


We have extensive testing of electronic components, selection experience, you can accurately test models and related parameters of the components, using precision measuring instruments and equipment, to provide standardized information complete parts lists (BOM single), and can which parameter values ​​the personalized debugging at the same time, long-term industry market research, a proposal to provide customers with the industry market information in order to allow customers to be able to seize the forefront of market information in a timely manner on the modulation of the prototype in line with market development requirements. Both products for customers to create market value of the space, but also to maximize cost savings for customers.


The type of modulation of the prototype related to aerospace equipment, instrumentation, control panels, aviation equipment, instrumentation, control panel, navigation equipment, instruments, all types of precision instrumentation, handheld POS devices, medical electronics equipment, medical and beauty equipment, medical detection system , all kinds of security products, electrical welding equipment, space, electronic equipment, solar controller, voice processing equipment, video processor, all kinds of computer motherboards, all kinds of industrial motherboards, mobile phone panels, wireless communication modules, power communication module, the wireless communication equipment, gas detection equipment, Airbus satellite navigation system, GPS positioning system, temperature measurement and control system, earthquake prediction, chemical detection systems, digital TV, the DVB, DVDs, public security security facilities, road warning systems, air purification equipment, industrial control road monitoring equipment, fast trains, electrical testing equipment, space and electronic equipment, oil-while-drilling system, transport facilities, gas detection, control, etc. ...

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