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Functional Prototyping

Ready for trial production to provide a reliable physical basis, to ensure the feasibility of the product design and product prototyping is an important part in the PCB design process. Hetell prototyping team used a standardized and rigorous process control prototyping process, requiring full compliance with the prototype production of all aspects of the standard time rate of effective control of the prototype, the prototype quality as well as the prototype of effective recording, thus effectively reducing the risk of PCB production.


The prototype produced a direct impact on the effect of the practical application of the product before the product is officially put into operation, the production prototype of a comprehensive test product performance, it is very necessary.


Production prototype can make any defects and flaws can be remedied and improved in the early stage of product development, so that the products have a mature design, prototype production is an important and indispensable part in the development of new products and product generation process.


Specifically, in the product development process, the role of prototyping in:

A test structure design: prototyping can verify whether the structural design is scheduled to meet requirements, such as reasonable structure, ease of installation, Ergonomics scale details of the deal.
2, reduce development risk: through prototype testing, can be found in the open mold problem and solve problems, to avoid problems in the open mold process, resulting in unnecessary losses.
3, rapid market: according to the characteristics of the production speed, many companies will make use of before mold developed prototype to do the publicity of the product pre-sales, and quickly bring new products to market.


Hetell prototyping the basic process:

Our aim is to deliver the most appropriate technical requirements and the most cost-effective products to the customer. To make sure you know what right is necessary, important, and preferably should have, before prototyping, we have first to provide all design solutions for customers and together to elect the most suitable to achieve the requirements the performance.

Since then, we will be presenting to the customer a set of design drawings, performance data, test data, the development cycle, development costs, product prices and other information. After the submission of information to customers and confirm the final plan, our team has officially entered the prototype production and development of state! Under different circumstances, the entire production process takes approximately one to three weeks.

The third step, the product before mass production, we will be in the laboratory prototype testing, the test report to the customer analysis, if necessary, to re-examine the design and the second prototype production. Receipt of customer acceptance of the prototype, we will design type documented a variety of production documentation will be completed in the shortest possible time, and ready all the tools, test tooling, fixtures to ensure the smooth progress of mass production .


Hetell prototyping in the areas of:

All kinds of precision instruments, handheld POS devices, medical electronics equipment, medical and beauty equipment, medical detection system;
Wireless communication module, power communication module, the wireless communications equipment, the Airbus satellite navigation system, GPS positioning system;
Various types of security products, gas detection equipment, electrical and welding equipment, space and electronic equipment, solar controller, voice processing equipment, video processor, all kinds of computer motherboards, all kinds of industrial motherboards, mobile phone panels, digital TV, the DVB, DVD, etc.

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