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SMT/PCB Chip Processing

Hetell professional to undertake the SMT incoming generation of material chip processing and after the welding, testing, maintenance, assembly contractor. Committed to providing customers with high quality, fast, high quality, high service model for processing, SMT patch incoming material processing / generation, and after welding, testing, maintenance, assembly OEM and other services.


We have high-grade foreign latest series of fully automatic multi-function mounter can mount the 0201, including chip devices, and pitch in 0.3mm ultra-high precision QFP, BGA, chip, and is equipped with imported seven-zone hot air reflow oven, automatic no-clean spray dual wave soldering and automatic solder paste printer, ensure that the welding precision and quality.


Our advantages:

Does not charge the lowest consumption, product quality, adhere to the preferential low prices, to adhere to the quick and good service, short period (usually 1-3 days delivery), good service attitude, the entire process with clients in every aspect of the tracking and detection;


Mode of Cooperation:

Can be incoming, the generation of material processing (small quantities are also acceptable), the flexibility to adjust the mode of operation tailored to meet customer demand as far as possible, both manual and automated way for customers to choose.


Delivery guarantee:

SMT processing: rapid prototyping for SMT processing of the incoming sample of the research and development stage, a single BGA performance incoming welding process, the entire SMT processing; number 1 - 100, in general, one day delivery;


Small batch SMT processing: product research and development completed to prepare for the mass production of products; pre-production for the first time, the number of incoming samples of about 101 - 1000 SMT processing and incoming production; single BGA incoming welding process SMT processing of the entire board; generally 3-5 working days to pay;


In mass SMT processing: For those of each batch production of small and need to quickly complete the production of products, each batch of the number in 1001-5000, we provide a rapid rate of production, following the production of incoming samples; single BGA incoming welding process, the SMT processing; generally 5-7 working days of delivery (delivery time to see the complexity of the circuit board).


"Customer satisfaction is our service goal" is our aim, your thinking, worry about your hard Hetell will provide you with efficient, professional SMT processing services!

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