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IBIS Model Signal Simulation

Hetell HSPICE simulation software and IBIS models available, high-speed signals on a single board, backplane simulation. Solve the reflection reflection in overshoot, overshoot, ringing ringing, crosstalk Cross talk can be eliminated by fixing activate the power to bomb power / groudn bounce, EMC / EMI, timing and other issues.


IBIS (Input / Output Buffer Informational Specifation) is used to describe the input and output of the IC devices and I / OBuffer behavior of the file, and used to simulate the Buffer and on-board circuitry of the interaction. IBIS model, the core content is the Buffer model, because the Buffer to produce some simulated waveforms to the emulator using these waveforms simulation of the impact of the transmission line and high-speed phenomena (eg, crosstalk, EMI.) Specific terms of IBIS describes the input and output impedance of a Buffer through the I / V curve in the form of the rise and fall times and under different circumstances pullup and pulldown, engineers can use this model to the PCB board circuit SI, crosstalk, EMC and timing analysis.


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