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High-Speed PCB Design

Hetell has an excellent PCB design team can provide you with the complexity of the high-speed, high frequency, high-density circuit design PCB design is generally considered the frequency of the digital logic circuit reached or exceeded the 45MHZ 50MHZ, and above this frequency circuit accounted for a certain amount of the entire electronic system (such as 1/3), then called High Speed circuit. The high-speed PCB design is developed with the complexity of system design and integration of large-scale improve, because:

1, when the system work at 50MHz, will produce transmission line effects and signal integrity issues.
2, when the system work to achieve 120MHz, unless the use of high-speed circuit design knowledge, otherwise will not work based on traditional methods of design of the PCB.

Therefore, the high-speed circuit design techniques has become the means of the electronic system designers must be taken to design. The controllability of the design process can be achieved only through the use of design techniques for high-speed circuit designers. Macro Umax in this respect there is a good technical foundation, can well meet the requirements of high-speed PCB design.

In addition, the high-speed PCB design is a very complex design process, the design needs to consider many factors, these factors sometimes each other opposition: such as the layout of the high-speed devices, the location is close to, although you can reduce the delay but may generate crosstalk and significantly the thermal effect.

Therefore, we design, weigh the various factors to make a comprehensive trade-off: not only satisfy the high-speed PCB design requirements, but also reduce the design complexity of the difficulty. We used high-speed PCB design tools, constitute the controllability of the design process, only controlled, is reliable, but also will be successful!


high-speed PCB design and technical parameters:

the most high-speed signal: 10G differential signal
design layers: layer 28
Maximum Connections,: 18 564
largest PIN number: 26 756
smallest vias: 8MIL (4MIL laser hole)
Minimum line width: 3MIL
minimum line spacing: 4MIL
minimum the BGA PIN spacing: 0.5mm
a PCB board up to the BGA number: 30
largest plate area: 440mm * 426mm
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