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PCB Production/Mass Production

PCB mass production :

My company has a perfect PCB / FPC production lines, to undertake a variety of hard (PCBs), flexible (the FPCB) the board production business, build factories for nearly 20 years, with 30 floors above the multilayer, multi-level laser blind buried plate production capacity can be high-volume processing line width away from 3mil (0.075mm), aperture 4mil ( 0.10mm) in high precision PCB board production capacity of 50 000 square meters or more per month multilayer. Responsible for coordinating the engineering and technical personnel of the PCB production matters have engaged in PCB production management for many years, can easily handle a variety of engineering problems in the PCB production process, and strict process instructions issued finished PCB board acceptance of customs, and effective way to avoid the cost of inputs and losses of customer unnecessary.


range of products:
Our processed products made of epoxy glass fiber board FR4, aluminum circuit board CEM1, CEM3, BT material, thick copper circuit boards, high TG board, heat, ultra-thin ultra-small thick gold circuit boards, mobile phone batteries, key board, halogen-free boards, Rogers high-frequency boards, high layer count backplanes. Technology products, including spray of pure tin, gold, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP (antioxidant board), high TG, aluminum plate. Processed products have been widely used in the field of computer, communications, networking, home appliances, instrumentation, medical, industrial, automotive, semiconductor microelectronics, LCD and LED, cell phone camera modules.


process capability:

chemical silver
projects high-volume processing capacity small batch processing capacity
layers (maximum) 2-40 40-50
plate type FR-4, aluminum sheet, PTFE, PPO / PPE IS620, BT
Rogers, etc Heat sink
plate mixed pressure 4 layers - 16 layers > 16 floors
maximum size 610mm X 1100mm
Dimension precision ± 0.13mm ± 0.10mm
thickness range 0.40mm - 7.00mm <0.40mm or> 7.00mm
thickness tolerance (t ≥ 0.8mm) ± 8% ± 5%
thickness tolerance (<0.8mm) ± 10% ± 8%
media thickness 0.075mm - 6.00mm 0.05mm - 0.075mm
minimum line width of 0.10mm 0.075mm
minimum spacing 0.10mm 0.075mm
outer layer copper thickness
35um - 175um
35um - 210um
inner copper thickness
17um - 175um
17um - 210um
Drilling Hole (drilling)
0.20mm - 6.35mm
0.10mm - 0.15mm
Hole (drilling)
0.15mm - 6.30mm
0.00mm - 0.10mm
aperture (Mechanical)
holes (Mechanical)
laser drilling aperture
plate thickness aperture ratio
12:1; 16:1
solder type
photosensitive ink
minimum solder bridge width
minimum solder isolation ring
plug hole diameter
0.25mm - 0.60mm
0.70mm - 1.00mm
impedance tolerance
± 10%
± 50%
surface treatment type
HASL, ENIG, immersion tin, OSP


PCB problems in production:
PCB production process can be divided to cover the hole etching method and pattern plating method, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Etching method to get the line is uniform, the impedance control, environmental pollution, but there is a hole to break, resulting in scrap; the production of alkali corrosion control more easily, but the line is uneven, environmental pollution.

First, the line produced the first dry film, dry film resolution generally after exposure showed 2mil/2mil the line width, the ordinary resolution of the exposure machine can be achieved 2mil, general line width in this range will not cause problems. The 4mil/4mil the line width or more developing machine nozzle, the pressure and syrup concentration relationship is not great, the following 3mil/3mil line width, the nozzle is the key to affect the resolution, the general application of fan-shaped nozzles, pressure 3BAR to develop.

Although exposure to energy very big impact on the line, but the general market at present used in most of the dry film exposure range is very wide. In the 12-18 level (exposure 25 feet] or 7-9 (21-foot exposure) can be distinguished, and generally low exposure energy is conducive to the resolution, but the energy is too low, the air of dust and various miscellaneous matter its impact later in the process will cause open (etching) or short circuit (alkaline etching). Therefore, the actual production and darkroom cleanliness, so according to the actual situation of choice to produce the circuit board line The minimum line width and line spacing.


different exposure native resolution. Exposure Machine is a currently used air-cooled, surface light source, the other is water-cooled, the point light source. With a nominal resolution are 4mil. Experiments show, however, no special adjustment or operation can be done 3.0mil/3.0mil; can even do 0.2mil/0.2/mil; reduce the energy 1.5mil/1.5mil can tell, but this time the operation should carefully, and the impact of dust and debris. In addition, experimental no significant difference between the resolution of the Mylar surface and glass surface.


larger in the production process, the temperature of the foil speed, the cleanliness of the board, the cleanliness of the Diazo film on the passing rate of etching foil parameters and board The formation of the surface is particularly important; cleanliness of alkaline etching, exposure is very important.

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