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PCB Backward Reasoning
PCB copy board, the Backstepping map is inversely or directly based on the goods is to depict the PCB schematic, intended to illustrate the principle of circuit boards and work in accordance with the PCB files map. Also, this schematic has also been used to analyze the functional characteristics of the product itself. Forward design, general product development to conduct schematic design, PCB design according to the schematic.


The backstepping

hetell schematics, all with PCB strict network proofreading, component location diagram number, model, network names, and so complete and clear and easy to check, and the components of functional modules and the relative concentration of module "drawing mode, the readability is comparable with the design artwork. Customers can easily grasp the idea of ​​the product design to capture some of the bright spot of the high-end design can also be easily integrated into its own unique design, develop more high-end products for their own use.


we not only use the latest PCB reverse schematic software, and years of practice, and accumulated a wealth of experience to master the hundreds of anti-push. Specializes in a variety of high-frequency board schematic and modify the anti-painted, the reverse design of multilayer blind buried plate schematic, phone board PCB copy board, anti-draw the schematic, 8-layer server computer motherboard schematic reverse design, more than 10 layers PCB files anti-draw schematics, etc., to provide detailed and accurate technical principle of reference for your product design and final commissioning and post-maintenance and repair.


both the basis and foundation of PCB design is used as the analysis of the circuit board schematics and product features copy board or re-used as a positive design, PCB schematic have a special role. And plays an integral role in the process of debugging, maintenance and improvement of products, production of reverse schematic breakdown of the services of our PCB copy board, you just give us a model, or PCB files, we 100% accurate for you deduce this PCB model schematic or PCB file.


backstepping schematic technology:
the Rational division of functional areas
An intact PCB circuit board schematic diagram of the reverse design, rational division of functional areas to help engineers reduce the number of unnecessary trouble, and to improve the efficiency of drawing. In general, a PCB, the same functional components will focus on layout, function zoning in the backstepping schematic convenient and accurate basis.

However, the division of functional areas is not random. It needs to have some knowledge of engineers knowledge of the electronic circuit. First, identify the core component of a functional unit, based on the alignment of connection can be immediately instructed to identify other components of the same functional unit, the formation of a functional partition. The formation of functional partitioning is the basis of the schematic drawing. In addition, in the process, do not forget clever use of the serial number of the circuit board components, they can help you faster functional partition.


two, looking for the benchmark parts
For engineers, the benchmark parts is not very complicated matter, under normal circumstances, you can choose to play a major role in the circuit components as the benchmark parts, they are generally larger, pin more convenient draw such as integrated circuits, transformers, transistors, etc., can be used as an appropriate benchmark


this benchmark pieces can be said through during the beginning of the schematic drawing of the main parts in determine benchmarks pieces, drawn according to these benchmarks the pin, to a greater extent to ensure the accuracy of the schematic sex.


three reasonable to draw wiring
For the distinction between ground, power lines, signal lines, we also need the power of knowledge, knowledge of electrical connection, the PCB routing knowledge engineers. These lines of distinction, from the components connection, the width of the line copper foil and electronics characteristics were analyzed.
In order to avoid the lines cross and interspersed with extensive use of the ground symbol on the ground, all kinds of lines you can use different colors of different lines to ensure clear and legible, the various components can also use the special symbol, even in the drawing of the wiring, drawn separately from the unit circuit and the final combination.


to master the basic framework
Constitute some of the basic framework of the electronic circuit and schematic drawing method, engineers need to master not only simple, classic form of basic components of the cell circuit to be able to directly draw, but also can form the overall framework of the electronic circuit.
On the other hand, do not neglect, the same types of electronic products have a certain similarity in the schematic, the engineers based on the accumulation of experience, fully learn similar schematic to the new product diagram of backstepping.


, check and optimize
The schematic drawing is complete, but also tested and check the links to the end of the reverse design of the PCB schematic. Need to check the optimization of the PCB distribution parameters sensitive component of the nominal value, PCB files, map, schematic comparison analysis and reconciliation, to ensure that the schematic file map is exactly the same.

Checking the schematic layout does not match with the requirements, will be the adjustment of the schematic, until it reaches the completely reasonable and standardized, accurate and clear.

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