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Encryption Chip Decryption


• the ARM926EJ-S, 400MHz• JAVA acceleration engines support• 16KB/16KB high-speed instruction Data Cache• 16/32-bit The DDR/DDR2 SDRAM support• 16-bit or 8-bit NAND / NOR Flash Support• Supports 2-way parallel / serial TS data (ISO / IEC 13818-1) input, up to 80MbpsTS packet CRC check• Digital TV descrambler• 64 Road, PID filtering• Digital TV ......

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• Supports up to 128bit key encryption and decryption algorithm• Supports I2C bus communication interface• Support for an I2C device address• key is stored in the OTP-128bit, burn direct write, write-once, not worn• embedded 1024bit of E2PROM• SOP8, MSOP8 package......

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