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Chip Decryption

·[ARM Chip Decryption ]LPC2368FBD100 NXP MCU Code Extraction

The LPC2368FBD100 microcontrollers are based on a 16-bit/32-bit ARM7TDMI-S CPU with real-time emulation that combines the microcontroller with up to 512 kB of embedded high-speed flash memory. A 128-bit wide memory interface and a unique accelerator architecture enable 32-bit code execution at the maximum clock rate. For critical performance in interrupt service routines and DSP algorithms, this......

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·[MCU Decryption]EPM3256A MCU Code Extraction, Altera IC Crack

For EPM3256A MCU Code Extraction, EPM3256A IC Crack, EPM3256A MCU Break, and other Altera IC Crack. we use high-end technologies and the latest laboratory equipment to perfect the technique of microcontroller code recovering (extractin......

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·[MCU Decryption]Zilog MCU Crack

Zilog is a trusted supplier of application specific, embedded system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for the industrial and consumer markets. Pioneers of the historic Z80 processor. Flash microcontrollers include: the Z8 low power microcontroller with a very rich peripheral set; the eZ80 Embedded Ethernet microcontroller family with lots of Flash and a free RTOS and free TCP/IP full stack. The following ......

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·[MCU Decryption]XILINX Chip decryption

Xilinx is a supplier of programmable logic devices. It is known for inventing the field programmable gate array (FPGA). Xilinx sells both FPGAs and CPLDs programmable logic devices for electronic equipment manufacturers in end markets such as communications, iindustrial, consumer, automotive and data processing. Xilinx makes two main FPGA families: the high-performance Virtex series and the high-......

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·[MCU Decryption]XILINX FPGA IC decryption

Xilinx makes two main FPGA families: the high-performance Virtex series and the high-volume Spartan series, with a cheaper EasyPath option for ramping to volume production. FPGA chip is a typical IC series that difficult to break in the chip decryption industry and in the research field for breaking FPGAs, there not have been very efficient and reliable programs all over the IC breaking industry.......

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